A New Way to Connect with Yourself & Your Community

REALHER is all about expressing your individuality. Essentially, the only rule is to wear it how you want to. You can expect much more than a pretty face; this is a way to share your sense of style and personality.

REALHER goes beyond cosmetics; it's an entire lifestyle. You'll find a meaningful affirmation with each piece intended to enhance inner and outer beauty and motivate your own personal journey. We want our products to inspire, and as one of our eye shadow palettes says, "Make It Happen!"

The Inspiration— A Father's Journey to Empower his Daughter

It's natural to want to look a certain way to be liked. Many people, especially young girls, try to fit into a particular mold— something founder, Bill Xiang, didn't want for his daughter, Yarie. As a result, he launched REALHER cosmetics to challenge traditional beauty standards by emphasizing self-enhancement over total transformation.

“Having my first daughter gave me a sense of self-awareness and purpose. Yarie has a real, genuine, and contagious beauty- it inspires me to be better and make a positive impact.”
— Founder and Father, Bill Xiang


Innovation— The Power of Technology & Artistry Combined

REALHER has a lab based in the U.S. where we are able to combine technology and beauty to bring you freedom of choice, beauty, and expression. We apply cutting-edge science and effective ingredients at the highest level to provide natural, authentic beauty without sacrificing convenience or quality. Our goal is to "amplify beauty" with next-generation cosmetics, which impact both the inside and out.

Our call-to-action branding and celebrity collaborations have put us on the map in Hollywood. REALHER has been worn by Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff, Cardi B, Chris Han, Veronika Losyuk, Annie Tran, and countless others who appreciate the product and support its mission.

"To create change, it was very important to attach our mission with a powerful, innovative product with benefits and features they had never seen before."
— Founder Bill Xiang

The Vision— For Everyone, Everywhere

We are not here to change perceptions or alter appearances, but to inspire and allow you to embrace who you are, and what makes you unique. REALHER believes that everyone has their own kind of beauty to share. We connect people through their love for self-expression.