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We're more than just a makeup brand. We're a movement.

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Makeup isn't just fashion,
Or a matter of aesthetic,

But a vehicle from which
We can empower ourselves to
Bring out the best in who we are.


The RealHer Story

Learn about the RealHer story and what makes our brand so unique. We believe in creating high-quality, sustainable products that encourage women not to be ashamed of makeup, and to embrace it as a part of one's individuality...


Bold lip colors are not for the faint of heart. There will be those who tell you that you’d look “better” in a nice nude lipstick. There will be those who say things like “Why would you want dark purple lips? You look sick!”...

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The RealHer cause doesn't ask us to be perfect, to be a mother, to be a CEO, to be the perfect beautiful doll, but rather invites us to continue being awesome, and that which defines us as an individual.


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