Every year, our small team actively volunteers at 3 or more nonprofits, as well as donates to causes that align with our mission of community & women empowerment. These are some of nonprofits and charities we have worked with in the past or are currently involved in as a way to give back to the community in which we live in.

Mask and Sanitary Wipe Donations

With the shortage during the pandemic, we felt it was our duty to use the resources available to us to help hospitals, nonprofit partners, workers, and other communities in need.

GEANCO Foundation

The GEANCO Foundation saves and transforms lives of poor and vulnerable, young girls in Africa. We worked closely with one of the GEANCO founders on a new initiative that changes the way we all can give back. For as low as $1, anyone can purchase a digital artwork to re-purpose into a tote, mousepad, shirt, and so much more. All donations come with a Donation Certificate too! Visit donate.realher.com to learn more!


Wiseplace provides women with safe transitional and emergency shelter, counseling and mental health services, case management and addiction recovery, and employment assistance to help rebuild their lives. We partnered with Beauty as Giving, and Nixie to host a Mother's Day event called "A Day of Beauty" for the women at Wiseplace. Our team sponsored & volunteered at the various booths from beginning to end, donated makeup products and helped empower the beautiful women during this event.

Grandma's House of Hope

Grandma's House of Hope's mission is to empower the invisible populations in Orange County. By doing so, they've created some programs called "Rescued & Restored Housing", "Nana's Kidz", "Women 18+", "Men 18+", and "HopeWorks!" Our team sponsored & volunteered at their annual Safe Harvest event during Halloween 2019. We had a "The Power of Words" booth where kids ages 3-14 would come to write down something nice about themselves. Our goal here was to empower the youth- to remind them of their worth and that little positive affirmations can go a long way.


Fristers dedicates their time to helping teen parents build healthy and stable lives and families through educational classes and workshops, mentoring, case management, and the support of a caring community. Our team sponsored & volunteered at one of their events in October 2019 by donating empowering makeup & providing lunch and positive encouragement for a large group of young moms. 

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run helps "girls at a critical stage, strengthening their confidence at a time when society begins to tell them they can’t." Understanding the importance of physical and emotional health, their program "addresses the whole girl when she needs it the most". Our team sponsored & volunteered at one of their events in November 2019 by donating time, snacks and empowering makeup. We were given the opportunity to educate the girls on the power of affirmations that we include in all of our products.

Women for Girls with Girls Inc

Girls Inc. of Orange County positively changes the lives of 4,000 girls, kindergarten to 18 years old, each year by providing year-round holistic, compensatory, and intentional programming focusing on STEM, financial literacy, sound body image, healthy relationships, and college and career readiness. Women for Girls uses its annual membership dues to help underwrite programs enabling every girl who needs and wishes to participate in Girls Inc. programs. Our team has donated proceeds, items needed for the girls who attend the program, as well as inspiring makeup products.


2017-2018 20% of all online proceeds to AAUW

2018 Team and founder participation in Women's March

2018 Product Launch Partnership and proceeds to LGBTQ Center in Orange County

2020 Donations to Beauty Bus in LA

2020 Peaceful protests, signed petitions, and donations to Minnesota Freedom Fund & Black Lives Matter