All About Skin Undertones


Undertones are based on your skin's underlying hue. It refers to the natural colors underneath your skin. Knowing your undertone is essential when choosing the best foundation shade for you.


There are 3 main undertones: warm, neutral, and cool.

    • Warm: these undertones range from peach to yellow and golden.
    • Neutral: your undertones are very similar to your actual skin tone. It can be a mixture of both warm and cool.
    • Cool: this includes pink, red, and bluish hues.

Here are suggestions to help you discover your undertone:

1. Look at your veins. You can identify your undertone by looking at the colors of your veins.

    • If your veins are greenish, you may have warm undertones.
    • If you have purple or blue-colored veins, it's possible that you have cool undertones.
    • If you have colorless veins or they match the color of your skin, you usually have neutral undertones.
2. Evaluate your jewelry.
    • If you look great in gold or yellow jewelry, then you're more likely to have warm or olive undertones.
    • If you navigate toward silver, platinum, and rose gold pieces, then you may have cooler undertones.
    • If you look comfortable in both silver and gold, then you have neutral undertones.
3. Pay attention to how the sun affects your skin. Knowing how your skin reacts to the sun can determine your undertone.
      • If you burn and barely tan in the sun, then you're more likely to have a cool undertone.
      • If you sometimes burn and/or sometimes tan, then you have more of a neutral undertone.
      • If you tan but never burn, then you have a warmer undertone.

    Keep in mind that no matter which undertone you are, always remember to wear your SPF!


    Knowing your undertone will guide you to pick the appropriate foundation for your skin. Your ideal shade may vary since every brand is different, but using Shade Finders can narrow down your choices.

    When shopping for foundations, undertones are usually not labeled. Follow this guide to determine what undertone each foundation is.

      • Cool undertone: This undertone will look slightly pink like this "I Am Focused" foundation. Avoid yellowish foundations, as these tend to make the skin look pale.
      • Warm undertone: These tend to look better with foundations that are a bit yellow.
      • Neutral undertone: Search for foundations that are both yellow and pink, a peach foundation can also work well.

    Your undertones are a great starting point to figure out what looks best against your natural skin. However, your own preferences matter above all. At the end of the day, disregard the rules and choose what makes you confident and happy.

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