5 Makeup Tips for Beauty Over 40


1. Protect your skin from sun exposure.

Focus on healthy looking skin rather than younger looking skin. Sun damage takes time to develop and for you to eventually notice. It's never too late to start caring about sunblock and SPF.

2. Switch from powder-based products to cream-based cosmetics on your face.

Developed skin already has texture. Using powder emphasizes the texture more than a cream-based product.

3. Match your lipstick tone with your inner lip or gums.
A neutral lip gives a natural tint to the lips which is universally flattering. An appealing nude is typically one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. A good tip to find your nude is to match your inner lips or gums with the lipstick shade.

For example, the person's inner gum in this image is a pale pinkish color. A great neutral lip color to match this person would be this moisturizing lipstick called "I Define Beauty Myself".

4. Keep your eyeshadow simple.
Less is more when it comes to eyeshadow for older women. Use softer colors on eyes and avoid trendy colors like blue, lime green, or hot pink. For some color, go with mauve, peach or violet.

5. Leave the brows you had in your 20s.
As you age, the tail of your brows tends to drop, which can pull down the eye and make it look droopy. For mature ages, it's more about the arch. Using a pencil rather than powders help give more definition and help you control your line work.

brow pencil hand swatch

A great brow pencil to get that perfect arch is the Definer Brow Pencil. The tip is small enough for you to create super fine lines that can resemble real hair. No one would even know it's drawn in!


Thank you for making a post for women over 40. I am on my mid 50’s and I am always looking for ways to stay looking fresh and natural. I just purchased your liquid foundation and I love it. I also bought the foundation brush and I think that will take some time to get used to. Love your products

Annie July 12, 2021

Hi Denese, we very much appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. We love to hear directly from all of our customers!

Your feedback was reviewed by our marketing team and the images were updated to represent the article’s topic better. We have upcoming campaigns where we will be representing women of all ages from their 20s up to 60s and beyond. We’re so excited for these to go live so that women of all ages and sizes are represented.

Again, thank you so much for your feedback Denese. We hope to hear more from you soon. Have a great rest of your day! xx, RH Team

RH TEAM June 22, 2021

Love the tips on older skin and what products to use! Esp the over 70’s. Lol

Joyce June 21, 2021

As a woman who is 40+ and is approaching her 50’s, it’d be nice if retailers asking for our business would connect with us on a REAL level. I don’t see that representation in these photos, you’re telling us to embrace beauty over 40 and yet you have no models in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or 70 years of beauty?
Embracing beauty as we age can be reinforced when retailers such as yourselves also reflect that in your marketing to us 40+.
Do you really see us? Or just our spending power?

Denese June 21, 2021

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