Behind the Brand

"The birth of my daughter became a re-birth of myself, I realized I had to do something for her..."

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"RealHer is really proud that 100% of our employees are women."


We put affirmation quotes on each individual product. You have problems, different challenges, there are so many situations like that and I feel like it was the quote, a motivational quote that carried me through the years.


All of the formulas we have are 100% cruelty-free we don't do any testing on animals. I understand how difficult it is to formulate a product that is absolutely safe to use and absolutely high standard and premium. We like utilize natural ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera and put everything together to present the best product as RealHer products collection.

Social Impact

For the past 2 years RH has been donating 20% of our proceeds to AAUW, AAUW is a nonprofit organization that exists in the United States for more than 100 years. They have been so in-depth into empowering women by investing a lot of energy into women's educations, leadership and pay equality. We feel so honored to work with an organization with such a long history.

RealHer Sisterhood

In 2018 we will have this new initiative called the #realhersisterhood. This is going to be a [digital] community where girls and women can all gather together to empower each other. You can ask questions about your life challenges or career challenges, you can ask anything about it and there will be mentors there to help you answer and solve these problems.