Top 3 Dress Styles for Prom

It’s that time of year again… Prom Season! Prom dresses have evolved dramatically in the recent years. Remember the old school prom dresses? The tulle gowns... Yes, I just cringed too. Not only do we cringe at that style of dresses but the bright colors such as bright pink or turquoise have become a trend of the past. Today’s trends include toned down colors such as pale pinks, nudes, golds, white and black of course, as well as classic colors like royal blue. Whether you’re in high school or not, I’m sure you can take some inspiration for dress styles for your next big event.

Style #1: Deep V Neck - This style can feature thin or wide straps if you’re concerned with your school’s dress code. The dress in the photo below has a v neck that might be deep for some people considering we’re speaking to 17-18 year old girls, but it comes off safe when your eyes are drawn to its wide straps. This same dress would be claimed inappropriate had it featured super thin straps. The nude colored dress is embellished beautifully with various sized rhinestones starting at the straps and continuing all the way down to the waistline. Short slits use to be a popular trend years ago, but the side slit has only gotten longer and longer. This dress incorporates that long slit which adds sexiness to this dress style.

                                      Photo Credit: Luulla  

Style #2: Two Piece Gowns - The two piece gowns have gained popularity in the recent years as they usually consist of an embellished crop top with a solid colored skirt to match. The two piece gown below features a lace, mesh crop top with a long, matching skirt. This particular style is also dress code appropriate as it does not display any cleavage or side slits. The skirt starts out tight to hug your curves in all the right places and then flares out to complement all body types.

                                      Photo Credit: Storenvy

Style #3: Lacy Long Sleeves -  Don’t want to worry about dress straps falling off your shoulders all night? Opt for a long sleeve option. With a lacy, mesh ensemble, you will still demand attention while maintaining comfort. The stunning dress below features the lacy long sleeves with a big opening for the back. The mesh bottoms have become extremely trendy, you will see them everywhere from long gowns such as this one to more casual, shorter dresses.

                                       Photo Credit: Storenvy

Author: Jasmeet Gosal @jasmeetgosal