The Residential Blonde Recommends: RealHer Makeup’s Matte Liquid Lipstick in "I Deserve The Best"


It’s rare that I come by a lip product I absolutely love and adore. I blame it mostly on my passion for eating, seeing as most lip products are weak and can’t make it through the first 30 seconds of a slice of pizza. Hell, I’m lucky if a lipstick decides it likes my lips more than my Starbucks cup and doesn’t jump ship on me. So I normally forgo lipstick for lip gloss, which at least doesn’t promise me that it will stay forever (or at least 12 hours), so I can keep my expectations of reapplying every few hours realistic. Anyway, I’m telling you about my lipstick-induced trust issues because I’ve found one I feel confident in, and her name is "I Deserve The Best." What a good name, right?



I’ve never had a liquid lipstick this good. In fact, I was starting to write off the generally drying and not-as-longwearing-as-they-generally-claim matte liquid lipsticks in favor of Colourpop’s ultra satin lipsticks and Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb. That’s where I was going, and then RealHer Makeup showed me you can love a liquid lipstick and not have it suck all the life out of your lips. The formula is so soft. It would be cliché to say it’s like butter, but it’s like butter. So comfortable, so smooth, so pretty on the lips, not dry-looking at all. Like, at all. It’s fab.


What really surprised me about this lipstick, though, is the color. I don’t wear a lot of purple-y, mauve-y tones, whether that’s on my lips or my eyes. So I hadn’t expected to be full-on obsessed with the color. It’s a really pretty mid-toned berry color. It’s little vampy, which I love. Plus, I feel that this would be a good color to try if dark lip colors scare you because this color isn’t super dark, but it’s a little dark and super easy to apply. Even better, it’s very pigmented and not at all streaky. 10/10, would recommend.



For $18, I’d say it’s totally worth it, especially because it will last you a little bit since it’s so pigmented. You really only need one good coat per lip. Plus, this little guy (4.5 mL/0.15 fl. oz., if that matters to you) has some real staying power. I ate a sandwich AND some leftover Chipotle chips and queso, and there was minimal butthole lip, which is honestly what matters in a liquid lipstick. Also, yes, butthole lip is the generally accepted term in the beauty community for this sort of thing. No, don’t google it.


Anyway, this lipstick is my new favorite. So as you probably figured out from the headline, she is Residential Blonde recommended. 


(Full disclosure: Yes, I did receive this product in a package from the company's PR rep. No, this post is not sponsored or promoted content. All opinions expressed are 100 percent my own. I genuinely believe this is a great liquid lipstick, and that's the tea here.) 


Source: The Residential Blonde