The Beauty Industry Facelift

As you probably may have noticed, the beauty industry is undergoing a major transformation. Now more than ever consumers are demanding diversity through genderless campaigns, plus size models, Asian, Hispanic and African American depiction, and the portrayal that women do in fact age. 

For years the beauty industry has failed to cater to the deeper skin tone market and virtually ignored the statistic that fuller figured women make up 67% of women in the US. But after decades of the mainstream media, makeup conglomerates and narrow minded beauty editors continuously failing to recognize the rest of the world’s beauty, a small group of independent beauty brands slowly crept into the market. They’re breaking all the rules and reminding women that their beauty is real and it deserves to be recognized.

Our CEO, Bill Xiang, is one of those revolutionary thinkers. Observing a gap in the market for positive affirmations and self-confidence, he created a cosmetics line centered on embracing the real woman of 2018, and reminding her that she is unstoppable. His mission is to combat the kind of self-confidence that’s depleted everyday through the images we scroll through on Instagram, airbrushed body parts splashed throughout our TV and magazines, and let’s face it! Our own little voices of self-doubt.

But Bill, along with his all-female team, didn’t just stop there.  We are constantly involving ourselves in charity and community outreach events. We believe our job is not complete unless we’ve successfully given back to the community. This includes helping those who truly need it and redefining the way women view their beauty. Here are just a few organizations we’ve worked with that are breaking down barriers in the beauty industry:


  • Natural Models: an agency in the Los Angeles area that specializes in representing curve models. We donated product for goodie bags during a holiday event.


 Natural Models LA


  • Healthy is the New Skinny: an organization dedicated to shifting the consciousness of girls and women from appearance to health. We donated product to their workshop event.


 Healthy is the new skinny


  • Paz Makeup Artistry: an organization that offers homeless students a chance to have their makeup done for Prom. We donated product to assist with Prom season.


 Paz Makeyp Artistry


  • The Glam Class: a makeup artistry school based in Canada whose mission is to empower women through makeup. We donated product to sponsor their class.!/the-glam-class




As cliché as it may sound, REALHER was established on the principle that your imperfections are what makes you, you. That slight coil to your hair is beautiful. The way your nose crinkles when you laugh is charming.  The way your curves effortlessly fill out your jeans is stunning. Don’t run away from that, shrink it down and try to blend in with everyone else. Remind yourself of it, own what makes you, you and know that you are just as good as the next woman in the room. With that kind of knowledge honey, you are unstoppable!