Shop the Expo at Neiman Marcus

Fashion Island’s Neiman Marcus was buzzing with excitement on Friday, March 9th, as 15 independent brands were featured in a pop up event called Shop the Expo at Neiman Marcus.  These 15 brands were found just 60 days prior by Neiman Marcus at the 2018 Indie Beauty Expo and from there were stocked up on the shelves and rushed to the showcase.

So who was one of the 15 amazing brands handpicked for the showcase?  That’s right, it was us!   Front and center under the gleaming retail lights, in the beauty isles alongside some of the industry’s most prestigious brands like Chanel and La Mer. Ah we could die! Amidst 14 other up and coming brands in skincare, body and makeup we stood beaming with pride.  Sharing our company’s story, helping customers sample the line, and encouraging women to proudly display their real her.



Even though this event was held in our own backyard of Newport Beach, California, its participants spanned the globe from countries like Switzerland, Japan and Scandinavia. It was truly an amazing event!  From the gourmet cookies specially made to promote the pop up in one of Newport Beach’s finest hotels, to the water bottles given out by the mall’s Valet printed with the Shop the Expo logo.  Neiman Marcus sure knows how to throw a party with style and elegance!  And that’s why it means so much to us to be included as one of their beauty brands to watch.




This year’s Shop the Expo at Neiman Marcus was a two day event from March 9th to the 10th.  And the turnout was great!  But don’t worry if you missed it!  Neiman’s shoppers will still have a chance to snag their favorite Lip Kits and Eyeshadow Palettes (just to name a few) at




The Indie Beauty Expo was founded by Jillian Wright and Nader Naeymi-Rad as a platform to bring independent brands like ourselves to the forefront.  Connecting established brands to buyers, press, consumers and investors.  This was Neiman Marcus’ second time teaming up with Indie Beauty for Shop the Expo, following October 2017’s pop up event at their flagship store in Dallas, Texas.



If you would like more information on RealHer or want to find out how we can partner and have our brand featured in your beauty space please contact Megan Merid VP of Business Development at (949) 842-7706 or



Photo: REALHER TEAM (from left to right)

Megan Merid VP of Business Development, April Leonard PR Specialist, Nadia Suttle PR Director