What To Pack For Your Next Summer Getaway

    April Leonard   ~   June 21, 2017

When it comes to packing for a trip, some people love it and some people hate it. I happen to be one of those who doesn't enjoy it so much. I used to enjoy packing when there were no size restrictions on suitcases and you were allowed to check in one bag with the purchase of an airline ticket, but things have since changed. With all of the traveling I have done in Europe and lately, working at RealHer, I seem to have mastered fitting a few days worth of clothing and necessities into a carry-on suitcase. The following are my must haves when traveling, and yes, they will fit into your carry-on.


Headphones are a must have for me, as I always happen to get seated next to someone who is unable to be seated in silence. Like my last flight which was spent sitting next to a lady popping and snapping her gum the entire 5 hours. Headphones are so easy to pack and also so easy to forget, so be sure to double, triple check that they are in your carry-on before leaving the house.


A portable charger for your phone while traveling is necessary. You are going to be spending your days out wandering and exploring new places. Chances are you will want to be sharing these beautiful new locations with your friends via Snapchat and Insta stories, while also capturing images to post to your feed later. Therefore you will need a lot of battery life to get you through the day before crashing back in the hotel.


Spritzing your face with Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist before stepping off the flight will have you feeling refreshed and ready to explore. This mist is made from pure plants, it’s organic and they do not test on animals. Grab the 2 ounce size so that it is carry on friendly and spritz away.

Source: Pinterest.com  

Oil blotting sheets are always a must have, they are small enough to throw in your carry on or purse and will keep your face shine free throughout your travels.


Slides are the ultimate go to for comfort. They are available in almost every style so chances are you will find something you like whether it's fur or satin slides. Throw a pair in your carry on and slide on when your feet can’t take the booties any longer.


Mid flight you can start to feel the dryness from being on the plane, having your favorite lip balm packed can help you avoid that problem. Be sure to grab one with SPF, especially if you are going somewhere tropical to avoid chapped and burned lips.

Source: Pinterest.com

 Ibuprofen, or whichever type of pain reliever you prefer. We all know a dreaded headache can come on at any time and you won’t want that pounding pain to stop you from enjoying your trip.


Having gum packed will help you to ‘unpop’ your ears with the changing in altitude when landing and taking off.


Snacks, so long are the days of free meals on an airplane. Last flight I forgot food and payed $6 for a little bag of trail mix. To avoid this be sure to throw a few healthy snacks in your carry on.


Hand sanitizer will be helpful not only on the plane but also while traveling and exploring new places. You might want to grab a snack from a little cafe after an adventure and if they don’t have a restroom to wash your hands in, at least you’ll have sanitizer.


Now that you have the packing essentials you are ready to head off and enjoy your trip! We want to know where you are headed to this summer, comment below!

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