Summer Fun Activities

    April Leonard   ~   June 16, 2017

Summer is my favorite season, I love cruising down PCH with my friends and spending the day at the beach. I love the long, warm days. Honestly, everything, there’s just such a sense of freedom in summer, even for those of us who work full time. Every time summer nears, I begin daydreaming of what I will do and where I will go. If you and your friends ever find yourself wondering how you should spend that beautiful summer day, here are a few ideas for you! 


Make rosé popsicles. Gather your girl gang at the house and catch up on all the latest talk while enjoying your rosé flavored popsicles. All you need are popsicle molds and your favorite bottle of rosé, fill the molds and freeze overnight. The perfect refreshing treat for a hot summer afternoon.



Head to the local farmers market with your friends and indulge in all of the fresh, healthy options available. Find some refreshing fruit to help rehydrate your body from the heat, along with some vegetables that you can throw into a salad or toss with some olive oil later in the day for a light and healthy summer dinner.



Check out your local state or county fair. Who doesn’t want an excuse to play carnival games and ride the carnival rides. Oh and don’t forget all the fried food, take a cheat day and indulge in those deep fried oreos and oversized drumsticks you know you’ve been craving.



What are some of your favorite summer activities? Comment below! 


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