REALHER, a Southern California based indie beauty brand, is excited to announce its partnership with adaptive athlete and motivational speaker Misty Diaz with the addition of an inspirational crimson shade to their Matte Liquid Lipstick collection. 

Diaz, born with Myelomeningocele, the most severe form of Spina Bifida, who once considered herself a sufferer of her condition woke up one day and completely changed her state of mind. Today, Misty no longer considers herself a victim of her circumstances but, instead, a champion of her future and has never looked back. With her determined and persistent will, promoting #SpinaBeautiful daily, she continues to be a role model to her community and to her social media community, quickly adding to her 15k Instagram (@lilmistydiaz) fanbase which includes supporters, mentors, fellow athletes, and those inspired by her story.

In selecting a color, Diaz went with red: bold, daring, vivacious, strong, and confident. She feels it not only brings out her courageous spirit but her inner warrior as well. In addition to choosing this classic shade, Diaz also collaborated on the name, I Am Adaptable. This affirmation embodies Misty's tenacious and optimistic spirit to encourage every individual to believe anything is possible when you are ADAPTABLE.

This aspirational, exclusive, limited-edition shade is available on our dot com. In the spirit of Misty’s mantra of “helping others”, REALHER is also donating a portion of the proceeds from this collaboration to the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF).



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