Women Empowerment in Hollywood

Ah, Hollywood… The fabulous world of glitz and glamour. Chances are if you’ve ever dreamt about becoming an actor, model, or director, then you’ve definitely considered moving to the city of angels also known as Los Angeles. Creative minds hope to move to Hollywood to pursue their dreams and make this one of a kind city their home.

For one Indian beauty, this dream has come true; Priyanka Chopra is taking Hollywood by storm! From starring as Alex on Quantico, to walking the Golden Globes in a head turning Ralph Lauren sequined gown, Priyanka is a voice for all women, despite their backgrounds, who want to break into the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Priyanka’s success speaks for itself, but it’s her message that caught our attention.

Both men and women all around the world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th. With that month long theme, we wanted to highlight a powerful woman in the entertainment industry, who despite her success, continues to be a role model for everyday women.


                             Photo Credit: Women’s Health Magazine


No matter which one of Priyanka’s interviews you watch, her message remains the same… “I do not want to be in a box.” This empowering statement gives women the motivation to step beyond their comfort zones and go beyond labels that society has placed on them. In an interview with Refinery29, the feminist exclaims,  “I don’t like the phrase woman of color. I feel like that puts women in a box. I’m a woman, whether I’m white, black, brown, green, blue, or pink — whatever. I think we need to start looking beyond that.” Women are women despite their color, education, occupation, etc. No woman is less of a woman because she does not meet a bizarre standard set by society. Priyanka is an advocate for humanity before anything else.

Women like Priyanka are an inspiration to our brand because we want to encourage women to be the best, truest versions of themselves. 

Author: Jasmeet Gosal @jasmeetgosal