More Than Just a Brand... A Legacy

RealHer is a brand that is proud to support and empower women, whether it is through our donations to AAUW or the quotes on our products that remind you that yes girl, you can take on this day. But the founder of our company is not a woman, so how did a man come up with this idea for a brand? The birth of his daughter, Yarie.

Bill Xiang, CEO of RealHer Products, Inc. has been in the beauty industry for over a decade, but he noticed a void of beauty companies that sought to empower women, not solely provide them with solutions to cover up their insecurities. In an interview with FabFitFun, Bill says, “I want to empower women, to inspire women to be themselves, to fight for the equality of all women - including my little girl.” Bill wanted to create a brand that provided a platform where women could feel amazing in their own skin. And with this new found confidence, transfer it into every aspect of their life; so women won’t be afraid to chase after their dreams, ask for that pay raise, or accomplish whatever they have their mind set on.

Women are allowed to feel whole exactly as they are. No certain hair color, eye shape, chest size, etc. makes a woman more of a woman. Whether a woman decides to have a career or become a stay at home mom, she is empowered to make these decisions for her own life and ignore what society thinks she should and should not do.

The meaningful quotes on each of our products is what everyone is drawn to. Both men and women claim that the positive affirmations on each product is what helps them get through their day. This is exactly the type of feel good reaction we want to generate in anyone who picks up our product.

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Authors: April Leonard, Jasmeet Gosal