Get Real With RealHer | CASSIDY DIXON

Cassidy is wearing "Be Bold" Metallic Liquid Lipstick and "I Feel Beautiful" Eye Shadow Palette. Still from her RealHer Review:


Cassidy Dixon is a junior film and television major at Howard University. Others may know her as WorkThatCass on Youtube where she has over 16,000 subscribers who love her #GirlBoss tips.

Sammi Scotto: Can you tell us a little about your channel?

Cassidy Dixon: My YouTube channel is a platform to encourage all women to discover and release the GirlBoss that lives within them, to celebrate their strengths and to fearlessly share their natural beauty, talent, and passions with the world


My YouTube channel is a safe haven.  A place for me to let the inner Cass shine through and a place where other women can have a peek into my world. A world where I explore hair, makeup, music, social, pop culture, entrepreneurship and the great city of Washington, D.C., the place that inspired me to Work that Cass  

"My YouTube channel is a safe haven." 

What made you want to begin a YouTube channel?

There are so many great offerings on YouTube but I just could not find a channel where young woman of my generation spoke of embracing their natural hair and beauty.



Sure, there were lots of tutorials on how to manage natural hair but I felt that there was an audience out there that wanted to see someone actually living and loving their natural self in a way that was positive, uplifting and inspiring. So, I thought, “Hmmm, what are you waiting for? Seek and ye shall find.” And what I found was that I could be the one to take on the role of bringing the kind of channel I wanted to see, to life. So, I did! And in the process, realized that I was becoming something unexpected even to me: A Girlboss!

Who is your number one girl boss inspiration?

Hands down, without a doubt, the number one Queen GirlBoss…Beyoncé!  No one can deny that she slays all the time. Her confidence, talent and willingness to step outside of the box is inspiring. She is her own woman: fun and fearless. And I love it!

"And in the process, realized that I was becoming something unexpected even to me: A Girlboss!"


In your own words how would you define being a #Girlboss?

Being a #girlboss is truly just about being confident. It is about taking chances, being afraid and doing it anyway. Being a GirlBoss is taking what you’ve learned and giving back to others, helping all of those who look up to you to get where you are. To me, it is about listening, sharing, supporting others and standing up for yourself, even if you’re the only one standing up.  If you are confident in what you do you and courageous in your pursuit of challenging yourself to improve your life, you will always be the boss of you!. 

"To me, it is about listening, sharing, supporting others and standing up for yourself, even if you’re the only one standing up."

What is the biggest challenge you've had to face to date? How did you deal with it?

The biggest challenge I have had is being able to accept who I am. I was always so different from everyone else and did not have a bunch of friends. I overcame this by realizing that all these people who had tons of friends did not necessarily have true-blue, die-hard, friends.

Some of those relationships were predicated on superficial things such as popularity, how much materials things they had and other things that just don’t matter to me. I decided I would rather have a few real friends who could see the real me, warts and all, and STILL love me, over a lot of fake or insincere people who would fade away at the drop of a dime.  It’s hard sometimes to have a smaller circle and not be surrounded by a pack of people. But in the end, it is far more rewarding and genuine.



One piece of advice you would give a young aspiring #girlboss?

I would advise a young, aspiring GirlBoss to “Do You!” in a non-selfish way, of course. Focus on what truly makes your soul sing and hard as it might be, to stay true to whatever that is. Don’t be afraid to listen to others, to open your mind and to see the world through a broad lens but never let that good, confident, courageous, glorious person that is you get away.

Surround yourself with similar souls who encourage and celebrate you, who keep you in check (true friends will do that) and who want you to be the best you, whatever and whomever that looks like. Be smart, take in the world and be prepared cause when your big moment comes, you’ll be ready to handle it like only a true GirlBoss can!