Our NCCWSL17 Experience!

We cannot believe that our 4 days at #NCCWSL17 are already over! It seems as if we were talking about attending/preparing for this event for several months and it passed us by in such a short period of time. My PR Manager, April, and I would both like to take this time to thank the entire AAUW team as well as the attendees for making RealHer feel welcomed. We spent those few days getting to know an incredible community of young women who are already successful in their academic careers and are aspiring to develop into professionals in their fields.

We had heard great things about the Women of Distinction Ceremony, but to physically be there in front of these women listening to their stories was an indescribable experience. We heard from 4 unique women who despite many challenges were able to persevere and make the change that they wanted to see not only for themselves, but for many other women. Although these women shared very different stories, their message was the same; to inspire and motivate women to use their voice to create change in the world.

April Leonard, PR Manager (left), Jasmeet Gosal, Content Marketing Manager (right)

The next highlight of our trip was meeting and interacting with the attendees. We are still in shock of how popular our booth was during the Career Fair! Besides seeing the lit up faces of every attendee receiving a RealHer lipstick, it was fascinating to hear about how far everyone had traveled from. It made us happy to see so much diversity in the attendance, but despite that fact, it all comes down to the point that all these young women are here because they believe in AAUW’s mission to empower women and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

Presenting a workshop is something both April and I had not done… Sure, we’ve done a countless number of presentations during our college career, but this was definitely a bit different. Our workshop was designed around the idea that we wanted to provide college students with raw, unfiltered insight into how difficult the job hunting process can be. Our workshop provided a plethora of information that we had researched, but mostly personal experiences which encompassed what works and what doesn’t when looking for your first big job after graduation.

The grand finale of NCCWSL included a RealHer sponsored panel with Jessamyn Stanley and Self Magazine. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about Jessamyn’s powerful story, her tour, as well as her journey to body positivity. Following your favorite body positivity activist on Instagram is one thing, but to be in the same room with them, listening to their story which you fell in love with was the ultimate treat for every attendee!

Once again, it was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone and being apart of something so powerful. Thank you again to AAUW’s team for making everything possible and for making our first time at NCCWSL an unforgettable one!

Author: Jasmeet Gosal, @jasmeetgosal