RealHer Eyes On Me Eye Brush Set

    April Leonard   ~   May 15, 2017

This just in… literally, live this past weekend is the RealHer Eyes On Me Eye Brush Set. I don’t know about you, but I love brush sets. There’s something about an entire cohesive set that it so exciting to me, and this minimalist design with vegan bristles and empowering phrases has me so ready to grab my I Feel Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette and start creating a smokey eye. But before we get into creating the looks, it’s important we know how to use each piece in the kit.

Good Vibes: Cream Eye Brush. Apply cream shadow in a sweeping motion, work quickly so eyeshadow doesn’t dry on your eye or the brush. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next.


This Is Me: Base Shadow Brush. Swirl brush into base eyeshadow, gently tap to remove excess loose shadow. Apply all over eyelid from lash to brow.

Make It Happen: Eye Shader Brush. Perfect angled shape for blending base and accent shadows.

Pretty On Point: Smokey Detail Brush. The tip of this brush is meant to fit perfectly into the crease of your eye to blend shadows and soften any harsh lines.

Yes I Can: Smudge & Smolder Brush. Use this brush in a back and forth motion to blend contrasting eyeshadow shades together. Smooth in color along the lash line for a sultry look or to soften eyeliner by dampening the brush and smudging along the lash line in small strokes.

Eyes On Me: Brow & Liner Brush. Perfect for anything that needs a straight edge. Used for tracing a rim of winged gel eyeliner along your upper lashes or filling in eyebrows with powder or gel formulas. Side note, you can also use this brush for other areas that require precision, such as to apply concealer around your lips when applying a matte or to apply highlighter in hard to reach areas, such as around the nose or the inner corner of the eyes. 

Now all you need is RealHer Play Book I, II or III and you can blend away with your 6 piece brush set. Be sure to tag @realhermakeup, we want to see all the beautiful looks you create!

Author: April Leonard @apeeshitt

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