Oh, You Didn't Know? Makeup Expires Too!

    Jasmeet Gosal   ~   June 29, 2017

What do you notice when you’re digging through your makeup drawer for your favorite bottle of liquid foundation or that one shade of lipstick you swear you’re going to die without? Is it the name or pretty packaging? Despite that important information, there’s one key piece of information you’re probably glancing right over… the expiration date. Ah, yes… Just how we toss out food from our refrigerators and medication from the medicine cabinet, we must also gather the courage to throw out our makeup products once they’ve reached their shelf life. Depending on how much attention you give to small detail, if you look on the backside of any makeup product, you’ll find a tiny image of a compact and next to it you will find a number of months or years which signifies how long manufacturers suggest you use the product for. So, are you ready to put your makeup to the test and see if it’s past its shelf life?


  • Mascara: (3 months) Because this product requires you to take the wand in and out of the mascara tube, this process makes it easy for bacteria to get into the tube. The skin around the eye area is highly sensitive, which makes the consequences severe if bacteria is to make its way into the eye. If bacteria gets into the eye, it can cause irritation and infections. For that reason, you should never use anyone else's mascara!

  • Liquid Foundation: (6 months to 1 year) Signs that your foundation needs to be tossed are a change in color or an odd smell. Using bad foundation can cause unnecessary breakouts and no one wants that!

  • Concealer: (1 year) Similar to liquid foundation, a sign that your concealer is old is a change in color. Also, when you notice that the product doesn't apply how it use to which will result in uneven application.


  • Powder & Blush: (2 years) Because most powders and blushes are formulated with dry ingredients, they are very long lasting compared to most commonly used makeup products!


  • Eyeshadow: (3 to 6 months) In relation to mascara, this product is also applied around the eyes so it should be replaced sooner than other products to avoid irritation.

  • Lipstick: (1 year) It is so tragic when I run out of my everyday lipstick, but even more tragic when I have to toss out lipstick because its past its expiration date and I haven’t completely used it. You should toss out your lipstick when you see changes in texture which may cause the formula to appear dry. A change in formula may cause it to not apply as smoothly as it use to. Also, avoid the mess of melting lipsticks by keeping them in a cool area and not in the car during these extreme temperatures.

Author: Jasmeet Gosal @jasmeetgosal

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