Makeup On-The-Go

    April Leonard   ~   July 12, 2017

Everyone has their to go makeup bag, that one you throw in your purse when running late for work and hope you hit enough red lights or that little spot of traffic so you can apply before arriving. But what do we really keep in these life saving makeup bags, I checked with the girls at RealHer and these were the top products they turn to on the go.

Moisturizer with SPF was the number one. Easy to apply on the go and vital for keeping your skin young and wrinkle free. It's especially important to apply before driving or as soon as possible as UV rays can hit you even when you’re in the car.

Concealer is always an on the go must have, cover up those tired eyes and no one will know you didn’t get those desired 8 hours of sleep.

Compact powder foundation is the quickest and easiest way to get an even coverage on the go. Throw your preferred applicator, whether it’s a sponge or powder brush, in your bag and with a few swipes you’ll be good to go.

Even when there’s no time to apply a full face, I always fill in my eyebrows. All of us girls have our go to eyebrow product, whether it’s a pencil, powder or gel. If it is a gel don’t forget your small round synthetic brush.

Bronzer is also an on the go must have. With just a few swipes you have achieved a warmer, more radiant look. I know I personally can not go without bronzer, even if it’s the only product I have time to apply.

Lastly, an item that is always in our to go makeup bag and really in our purse in general is a go-to lip product. When I don’t have time to apply much makeup I go for a swipe of chapstick or vaseline, so my lips are moisturized and go with my natural look. If I’m going out with friends however, my go-to lip product happens to be I Am Perfect Matte Liquid Lipstick, it’s the perfect nude and lasts through meals, laughs and drinks.

We want to know what's in your to go makeup bag! Comment below!

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