Easy Back to School Makeup

So, school just started and you’re probably telling yourself that you’re going to get up early every morning to put on a cute outfit and do your makeup. That was always me, but it only lasted the first week. The second week of classes, I’d walk in with sweats and a bare face. I did this because I was there to learn… Just kidding! After my observations the first week, I realized there was no one attractive to impress in my classes. Kidding, again. Although you may be on crunch time in the mornings, you can still wear the following five beauty products to look put together.

  • Foundation or BB Cream: Considering you’re going to be in class all day long, you want something that is lightweight, but still provides some coverage, if so, opt for a BB cream. If you prefer more coverage like myself, reach for your favorite foundation. Just be sure to use a primer and setting powder to ensure that it stays intact all day.

  • Concealer: Chances are you’ll be pulling a lot of all nighters which will be evident in your dark circles. To hide those dark circles and brighten up the under eye area, use a good concealer. To avoid creasing throughout the day, set your concealer with setting powder.

  • Mascara: If you decide to apply only one product on your eyes, go for mascara. Mascara will make the most difference than applying any other product and will help your eyes look more awake.  

  • Bronzer: Although bronzing your face may not seem like a necessity, it helps in adding color and dimension to your face. You don’t have to walk into class with a knife sharp contour, (unless you want to), but adding bronzer where the shadows hit your face will accentuate your facial features.

  • Lipstick: No makeup look is complete without some sort of color on the lips. Reach for a lipstick or lip gloss that is lightweight, long wearing and comfortable on the lips.

Author: Jasmeet Gosal @jasmeetgosal