Blending Bud Boss

Okay so you have your Honey, I Am Fabulous Blending Buds, but do you consider yourself a blending bud boss? We want to make sure you know not only to dampen it before use, but why you need to dampen it before each use and how to keep your blending bud clean so your skin can keep glowing on.


First off there are two blenders in your package. The black one is micro sized to use for smaller spaces such as underneath your eyes. While the white one is larger and better for blending the remainder of your face. Now it should come as no surprise, from all the makeup tutorials you’ve seen, that you should always dampen your bud before use. When dampening you want the sponge to be light and fluffy. After wetting the bud, squeeze lightly with a paper towel. Too wet of a bud can affect the finish of your foundation, while lack of water can cause the sponge to absorb the foundation, making it harder to transfer onto your skin.


Water temperature is also an important factor for your blending bud. Using warm water to dampen your bud in the winter helps your thicker formula foundations melt and blend better into your skin. In the summer use cool water to dampen your bud, not only will the coolness feel good on your skin on that hot summer day, but will keep your foundation from melting further. When applying foundation, apply to the back of your hand first as it allows for less waste of product and therefore better coverage.


Be sure to press foundation into skin with blending bud. Do not sweep as it can cause streaks. Your blending bud can be used not only for foundation but also for cream contour, blush and highlight. You can also use your dry blending bud under your eyes for baking.


Keeping your blending bud clean is easy but very important. You should wash it right after using it and leave it out to air dry. Although there are cleaners, all you need is a bar of soap. Rub the sponge across the soap bar a few times, rinse and repeat.