5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know About

    Jasmeet Gosal   ~   June 20, 2017

Who enjoys learning about new hacks?! I do! There’s literally hacks for everything… My favorite are beauty hacks because I probably already have a ton of beauty products laying around that I didn’t know have so many creative uses. Below I have compiled a list of my favorite beauty hacks that I feel every girl should know about!

1. Bronzer For Your Lids: Not in the mood to pile shadow after shadow on your eyelid? Take your favorite bronzer and blending brush and swipe your bronzer across your eyelid for a subtle flush of color. If you don’t want to use the bronzer as an overall shade for your eye, use it as a transition color when creating a full eye look.
2. Snatch Your Edges: Every girl struggles with baby hairs and they seem to be the most evident when you’re going for a sleek hairstyle. Use your mascara wand to comb your baby hairs down and away towards your hairline. The small mascara wand will give you more precision versus a regular sized hair comb.
3. Show Your True Colors: Take your favorite setting spray and spray your brush until it’s damp and then apply your desired eyeshadow to your eyelid. Applying shadow with a damp brush allows the shadow to appear much more vibrantly than applying the same shadow with a dry brush. This works wonders especially with shimmery shadows.
4. Fake your hairline: So, we’ve all attempted an updo, high ponytail, or a half up half down style and what’s the one thinking that’s obviously lacking from all of these hairstyles? More hair! When we pull our hair back into tight styles, we notice that our hairline could be fuller and that the sparse areas are more noticeable. To solve this problem, take any eyeshadow that matches your hair color and gently pack color onto the sparse areas using any eyeshadow brush. The added shadow will give the illusion of a full hairline and nobody will notice ;).
5. Designer Eye Bags: I love big bags, but not under my eyes! After you’ve brewed your tea, save your tea bags and set them aside to cool. Once they’ve cooled off, place them over your eyes for a good 30 minutes. The caffeine from the tea helps minimize blood vessels which in result reduce puffiness and dark circles. Upon removing the tea bags, your eyes will instantly feel refreshed. Gently rinse any tea that may have escaped from the tea bags.


Author: Jasmeet Gosal @jasmeetgosal





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