2018 Makeup Trends You MUST Try this Year

Kick off the new year with some brand new, must-try trends taking over the internet. This year is the year of simplicity. We are pulling back on the dramatic looks and going for the soft, cool and effortless beauty vibes of the new year. Here are our top 5 trends for the new year.

Soft Pink Eyes

    That’s right our #1 trend for January is soft pink, icy eyes. Going into the new year it’s time for a clean start. Ditch the heavy liner and big falsies for a more natural look. For the perfect pink look grab BLUSH KIT. You can use this on both your eyes and cheeks to create a flawless romantic look. Check out our tutorial on how to do just that.


    @scarlettehasley is wearing Be Fearless, Be Limitless Blush Kit

     Monochromatic Looks

    Monochromatic looks are going to be HUGE. This is basically when all your makeup is in the same color family. Maybe it's a burgundy cut crease, with a burgundy lip. Just the right amount of matching to really make your face pop! 


    @maya.rebekah is wearing Do Your Squats EyeShadow Palette and I Am A Rockstar Lip Gloss

    Upside Down Eyeliner

    This trend is one to DIE for! The upside down liner is a new way to rock a simple eye. Start with a bold color and line the waterline and below your bottom lash line with it, smudge out, and voila! An effortlessly sexy look for any night out. ⚡️PROTIP ⚡️ Use the RealHer Lip Liners as eyeliner in order to get shades that perfectly match your lips.


     (courtesy of @aspencristi via Instagram) 

    @aspencristi is wearing Be Yourself, Be RealHer Lipliner 

    Lip Tints

    We are taking a page out of the J-Beauty handbook and loving the trend of a lip tint. This trend is all about letting your lips look fuller with a small wash of color rather than filling them in entirely. Matte lips are out, this new year is all about having a refreshing lavish look. ⚡️ PRO TIP⚡️ Use your fave RealHer moisturizing lipstick and cream shadow brush to replicate this lip tint look.

     (courtesy of Pinterest)

     Glowy, Dewy Skin

    The final trend hitting the new year is the emphasis on glowing dewy skin. Invest in a vitamin-c serum and get your glow on. Just like your lips, your matte foundation is so last year. Ditch the matte and try a BB-cream. Don’t forget to add a little definition using your fave bronzer.


     (courtesy of @iluvsarahii via Instagram) 

    @iluvsarahii is wearing "Be Fearless, Be Limitless" Blush kit on her eyelids and cheeks